Do I Need to Hire an El Paso Immigration Lawyer?

Our nation’s immigration laws are vast and complicated. Whether you’re visiting the United States for work or you’re trying to bring your family over from Mexico, odds are you’ve faced quite a few roadblocks throughout your journey. Sure, you could simply search for answers online but that may only take you so far. This is where […]

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Asylum-Related Issues

Only 26.3% of asylum seekers in the United States received asylum in 2020. This represents a steady incline of refused asylum cases since the departure of the Obama Administration. The increasing high barrier of entry has caused many people to wonder whether it’s worthwhile to hire an immigration lawyer for their asylum cases. An asylum lawyer offers […]

A Checklist of Supporting Documents to Become a U.S. Citizen 

Naturalization is the process in which an immigrant in the United States applies for citizenship. While you may already know that, what a lot of people don’t know are the specific documents that will be asked of you when you go through the process. There are several steps to naturalization, which is why it usually […]

What Immigration Reform Has Looked Like Under the Biden Administration

Immigration was one of the major issues under the Trump Administration. Once Joe Biden was sworn into his presidency, he was delegated to unwind everything the Trump Administration did in terms of immigration reform. Although the Biden Administration has promised a change with immigration reform, it has not been simply done as it is said. […]

The Process of Adapting to a New Country 

Many immigrate to a new country in search of a better life. Whether it comes down to more job opportunities or education, immigrating can be the solution for individuals or families from other countries.  While the process of acquiring citizenship or residency is tough, what most people don’t know is that immigrating into the United […]

What to Look for in an Immigration Attorney 

There are many lawyers and legal officials out there who can help you sort your application for citizenship or visa to reside in the United States. Although, something you must ask yourself is, “how can this person help me on my journey into the United States?” As you may already know, the process of entering […]

Changes in Immigration Policy Expected to Take Effect in 2021

The fate of immigration law is ever-changing. The United States has undergone several changes regarding immigration policies, especially in the past decade. With that being said, lawyers and professionals are examining the changes that are expected to take place once 2021 rolls around. The New Year is almost here and we want to inform you […]

What To Know About The U.S. Citizenship Test

Applying for U.S. citizenship comes off as a daunting experience for many people. It doesn’t help when there’s a required exam to proceed with the application. Some naturalization applicants tend to be exempt from certain parts of the exam. Although, this depends on medical conditions, age, and their time as a green cardholder. If none […]

Work Permits In The Age Of COVID-19

In a move disappointingly on-brand for the Trump administration, an executive order in late June suspended work visas for immigrants all over the world. While it is true that immigration has taken a hit across the board during the pandemic, this decision was specifically targeted towards those who rely on work visas.  The decision was […]