Frequently Asked Questions About Applying for Asylum 

Applying for asylum is intended to provide for those who seek the refuge that our nation has to offer. The U.S. receives about 25,000 asylum-seeking applications every single year. The number is painful to bear— there are people coming from all parts of the world to outrun the poverty and ruin that oppresses their home […]

The Process of Obtaining a Spousal Visa

It’s unfortunate to say that there have been cases where married couples can’t live with each other. In most situations, men will travel to the United States looking for work and more supportive opportunities, in which women will stay in the home country to watch the children and family. Sometimes, it’s the other way around, […]

Fighting Immigrant Detention Camps with Immigration Litigation

It has been occurring too often that U.S. citizens are sent to detention camps for extraneous periods of time. These American citizens are not only held in solitary for lengthy terms, but in poor conditions, where they are treated with inhumane consideration. Families are being separated and children are stolen from their parents, but that […]

How Do I Get a Work Permit to Work in El Paso?

Being able to work is the difference between eating or starving. But for many immigrants, being able to work can be very complicated. Even worse, if not done properly you can be looking at legal action. This is what makes getting work permits a huge need for immigrants. Cynthia R. Lopez, P.C. understands what is […]

A Lawyer Can Help With Your Adjustment of Status

Hiring the right lawyer to help with your adjustment of status is the first step toward legal residency. You need someone who is aware of all the conditions and paperwork needed to apply. Hiring the right lawyer means hiring experience and qualified help to ensure that your application is filed properly. In addition, you want […]

Applying for Citizenship With the Help of an Attorney

If you have a family member applying for citizenship in the US, you are well acquainted with the stress and emotional draining process that can ensue. There are so many forms to fill out, deadlines and legal jargon to understand. It is quite an undertaking to apply for citizenship. However, it certainly is not impossible, […]

A Strong Immigration Attorney Helps Keep Families Together

When you and your family are facing immigration issues that threaten to pull your family apart, a strong immigration attorney can help. All too often, people do not seek the help of a lawyer because they don’t realize how much of a help it actually is. On top of that, many people don’t realize that […]

A Law Firm Dedicated to Immigration Law

Recently, federal officials arrested 97 immigrants in Tennessee. These immigrants were working at a meat packing company when the raid took place. This was one of the largest raids made at a single workplace in the last 10 years. This activity is only evidence of the harsh administration currently in place in the U.S. While […]

An Immigration Lawyer Can Help

According to AP News, about 800 people were able to avoid arrests when Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted a warning to an upcoming immigration sweep. The U.S. Immigration and Customs  Enforcement stated that officers still made 232 arrests. Despite this number, many were probably thankful for Mayor Schaaf’s warning. It is good to know that […]

Enlist the Help of an Immigration Attorney That Cares

Florida has just approved partnerships between local Sheriff’s Departments and ICE in 17 counties. They are calling this arrangement “housing agreements.” The ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan announced that the agreements will allow local law enforcement officers to detain those that are residing in the country illegally 48 hours past their release from serving time […]